Current fast-paced progress in Artificial Intelligence, of which Machine Learning is the beating heart, is leading to the development of progressively more and more Autonomous Intelligent Agents, able to perceive their surroundings, understand them, and consequently interact with them. This scenario poses exciting technological challenges and extraordinary opportunities of economic growth: in the near future where any device, from a smartphone to a vehicle, is going to be connected and equipped with sensors, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are called to become a driving force of ICT progress, with a disruptive effect on the economic development and leadership of a territory and of its social and economic growth. 


AI-H@PoliTo merges existing competences across departments, promoting the growth of young talents and injecting ML and AI in a wide range of applications distributed across all departments of Politecnico di Torino. The Hub is an internationally-recognized center of excellence in Learning and Intelligent Systems, targeting fundamental research challenges, growth of a new generation of leaders in this field and practical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to application domains characterized by the need to embed intelligent abilities into physical systems. The Hub offers support for research and technology transfer activities covering data driven application domains, and information services such as communication, energy, banking and insurance services, manufacturing, fashion and many others.